Guided psychedelic experiences can be used to work on several internal and external things in our lives. I do not offer therapy, only the ability to experience a guided journey. Below I offer some common issues and situations where psychedelics can offer relieve.

Applications for psilocybin or other psychedelic substances can vary and are not limited to what I offer below. The applications offered below are to give an idea of the option at Navigated Tripping. If you would like to work on something not listed below, you can always contact us to see if it is something we can work on together.

Would you like to work on your:

·         Feelings of depression or gloom;

·         A loss of connection to the world, life or even yourself;

·         (smoking) Addiction;

·         Loneliness, or missing connection to others;

·         Insecurity (about who you are, your self-worth, worth in this world);

·         Finding your own luck, your own path in life, your path to happiness;

·         Finding your true self;

·         Finding peace with yourself and your past;

·         Past traumatic experiences;

·         Being stuck in life; Not knowing what to do; Missing perspective;

·         Existential questions(Abou who you are, and who you are in relation to the external world);

·         Over-critical view of yourself or others; Negative self-view;

·         Overconfidence

·         Inability to handle criticism;

·         Blind spots in relation to yourself or your (professional) life and relationships;

·         Inability to breakthrough old   vicious cirkels;

·         Cluster headaches;

·         Spiritual connection to yourself or the world.

If so, guided psychedelic experiences could be something for you. Next to the above mentioned topics there are endless possibilities where an experience might offer options. But in some situations psychedelics are not an option. If you are considering a guided or unguided psychedelic experience please check my contra-indications they are listed on the page ‘info’ below safety.