Navigated Tripping

Navigated Tripping is a holistic coaching approach that incorporates psychedelic journey work together with diet, positive psychology and empirically proven methods used in (mental) health care.

Navigated Tripping is a coaching approach and not therapy, it does not aim to heal you, but it will enable you to heal yourself and offers you the tools to progress in life.

This approach is for those people who get stuck because of how they experience the world but would like to move forward and want to experience the world and life fully again.


Because for a time I was one of those people. Lost in this world, seeking answers caring the weight of the world on my shoulders. Depressed and no longer in connection with myself and my emotions due to past trauma. Psilocybin, to me, was a solution. First it let me experience how beautiful and wonderous life is and can be. Later it facilitated me in breaking down all those walls I build over many years so I could reconnect with my emotions and trauma. However before I reached this point I worked, as many do, with a psychologist, sadly to almost no effect. On the about me page I share more of my own story if you are interested.

The Approach

In my approach, I use my own experience with psilocybin and the nearly 12 years of experience with psychedelics and supporting people in their psychedelic experiences. In addition, I use the experience and knowledge that I have gained, with regard to the integration of a psychedelic experience. Nutrition, meditation and exercise have been an integral part for me, but together we will explore which tools will work for you.

With the journey alone it is often not yet done, precisely the time after the experience makes that we can really continue in our lives. For this I use the years of experience I have as a social worker and the insights I gain in my current training as a psychologist. However, I do not work as a counsellor or psychologist. It is my journey as a person, with all the experiences that this entails, that I offer to you, as support in your journey.

And I do this in the hope of contributing to a world in which we are all reconnected with ourselves and our deeper selves. That is what I wish for us as humanity. A world in which we do not have to deal with waiting lists of months to years to be 'helped'. But above all, a world in which we no longer think that we need to be helped, but a world in which we know that the power to heal is within ourselves and that this only needs to be facilitated by, for example, truffles and a little guidance.

Do you want to know how psilocybin can help you? schedule a free introductory meeting and find out how psilocybin can be the next step on your journey.

“Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.”

-Alan Watts