Remote coaching

Below I describe the types of guided sessions I do in person. But I also offer integration coaching aimed towards helping you prepare a psychedelic journey of your own without my guidance present. For instance when you’re unable to travel to the Netherlands.

It can be a daunting prospect to setup a psychedelic experience at home, with or without a sitter. How to properly setup such an experience aimed at reaching your goals is something we can work on remotely.

I also offer integration coaching for the vastly important integration period after a psychedelic experience. Whether you had a guided psychedelic session through me or anywhere else. Integrating the lessons we get from our experiences can sometimes be challenging and having someone to help you figure out the right way for you can be of immense support.

For these sessions I use my background in social work and experience as a coach. I use a mix of proven coaching and counselling methods to fit your needs.
All of the extra coaching can be done remotely if needed.

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Session in Groningen

Within the city of Groningen and the rural area surrounding the city there are a few locations where I can host sessions. The locations need to be reserved, so please contact me at least a week but preferred two weeks before your ideal session day.

I have selected these locations due to there central location to parks, nature and accessibility with public transportation. During the intake we can discuss the available locations to see which one suites your needs the best.

All sessions can be done in English or Dutch. 

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At Home

A safe, comfortable and trusted environment are ideal for journeywork. For many people this place can be their home. A home offers comforts like a bed, couch, blankets, heating, a shower and perhaps even a yard. If you are considering a session and you have a place in mind, albeit your home or a place you will be staying, we can discuss in details whether it is suitable for your specific journey during the intake.

Both the comforts and a sense of safety and trust in the environment are important for these kinds of sessions. This foundation offers the ability to dive deep within yourself and venture into your journeywork without worries, knowing you will return to a safe and trusted place.Doing this kind of journeywork in your actual home comes with two distinct benefits. Firstly, once the journey is done you will be safely in your own home without the need to travel. The other benefit is mostly centred around patterns and circles we build in our live. A lot of these patterns can be found in and around your house creating the ability to confront them head-on during your journey.

These sessions can be done in English or Dutch. I charge a travel fee for any travels beyond 15km. Intakes are free and both the intake and post session integration session can be done remotely.

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Location session

Journey work in Nature, next to a campfire and under the stars can be one of the most transformative spiritual and healing experiences. For these sessions I’ll tailor the experience to your needs and wishes. We’ll have ample of time before the sessions to discuss the location and to arrange it.

The session itself usually has a bit more of a spiritual side to it due to the more primal stage on which the journey is undertaken.
These session take extra time on my part to prepare and arrange and usually also have increased costs as to the location. Because of this I ask you to contact me at least one month before your planned journey to ensure there is enough time to facilitate the experience properly.

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“You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.”

- Terence McKenna