Having a connection with your guide or navigator is important, there needs to be a level of trust between you and the navigator in order to create a fruitful journey space. For this reason I offer my intakes for free. During the intake we can get to know each other and see/feel if we’re a right match for the journey you wish to take. If this is the case we create a safe and trusting base for you to set off on a successful journey.


For more than 31 years I have been on this earth, nowadays with great pleasure. That has not always been the case. I have had to deal with my own challenges around depression, trauma and loss. But thanks to, among other things psychedelics, I now fully embrace life and try to live it to the fullest!

From my teenage years I walked around with a heavy blanket over me, a suffocating feeling inside and the burden of the world on my shoulders. I searched for meaning, why are we here, what does it all mean and why does it matter at all? I have not had answers to these questions for a long time and this played into the hands of flight behavior for me. I fled, first in fantasy (games, books and other worlds) and later in substances. And that only reinforced my depression. Until it was precisely this trail of substances that led me on the path of psychedelics. And during this experimental introduction to psychedelics, the burden fell off my shoulders and I opened my eyes for the first time to what the world really had to offer.

Years later, the effects of cancer confronted me with my father's mortality. And although the care had been good, I was not prepared for the lasting impact that his death, would have on me. 

It took a while but eventually I discovered that I was still dealing with the consequences of not processing that event. In the meantime, formally trained as a social worker, my first step was to walk the regular assistance path. And that's how I ended up with a psychologist. The necessary checklists, forms and conversations later, we worked according to a treatment method. Everything neatly according to the guidelines. All without much effect.

So I came back to an old friend, psilocybin. Within a timeframe of two weeks, I made some mild journeys and one full trip. What does that do? In a single afternoon, it broke down all the emotional walls I had built up over the years before, into rubble and allowed me to relive the trauma and all the emotions that lay beneath. So, it could get out. Was that the end of it? Certainly not. In the weeks that followed, I worked on integrating the experience. For me, nutrition, exercise, meditation and writing helped as extra tools to shape that integration.

And now I dare to say that it is good. I see the magical side of the world again, that side that I first discovered during my experimental years. And I experience every day, the beauty of being able to walk around here in this world.

And I like to use that experience to facilitate others to make such a trip. My experience is mine and says nothing about your story and journey. It does give me the experience of what it's like to be at the beginning and at the end of such a journey. And because of this, I see it as a special and honourable task to help others on their way.

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