The fundament of a positive, guided psychedelic experience is trust between you and me as navigator. During the intake process we will discuss what would be needed  for us to build this foundation of trust for your session. For me the essence for this starts with being there, sincerely and truely and by accepting each other as humans. 

Work forms 

Depending on the intention you want to put forward for your psychedelic experience, it can be of help or necessity to make use of methods like breathing techniques, somatic exercises, meditation and  sensory methods. The use of these methods is something we will always discuss going into the experience. Below I'll quickly go over each form that could be an addition to your session. 

Breathing techniques 

Our life starts with breath. By breathing in a conscious way we are able to get in touch with our core. And our breath can acts as a life line during our psychedelic experiences. 

I work with a combination of old and new techniques. Some especially designed for working with altered states of consciousness. Others designed to let us retake control of our body and mind. Which techniques align with your needs we'll discuss during our intake or preparation. 

Somatic methods

Somatic relate to our body. They are forms like Yoga, or touch, like holding a hand. During a psychedelic session somatic methods can be a powerful tool.  For instance when trauma is stored in our body. Or when, for some reason, we have lost the connection with our body. It's completely dependent on someone's process, if and in what form, somatic methods can be used. 

These methods are only used after having discussed them thoroughly before a session. And during a session will only be used when it, in the moment still feels right for all parties. 

Sensory methods

Sensory methods incorporate our senses. During sessions I use elements such as music/sounds, visual material and sometimes smell. 

Before a session we will look into which types of sensory methods you would want to use. But in general almost all session make use of music. The type of music is completely depending on you and your goals. Depending on those either I or we, will put together an audio list. 

Visual materials can be photo's and/or video's. For instance a photo of a loved one when working through grief.

Finally, smell is one of our strongest senses. During a session it's not needed to use an actual smell, sometimes our mind is capable of recalling a smell, and this can be enough to start a process of healing. 


Outside of the psychedelic experience, meditation is a powerful tool for self improvement. During a psychedelic experience a (guided) meditation can help us travel deeper within ourselves. 

For a session, I am able to guide you in a meditation or silent meditation. It's also an option to make use of other guided meditation.